Champions league finale bayern chelsea

champions league finale bayern chelsea

Mai Champions-League-Finale: Bayern verliert im Elfmeterkrimi rettete sich das bis dahin fast völlig passive Chelsea dank eines Treffers von. 1. Nov. FC Bayern bewirbt sich um Champions-League-Finale gegen den FC Chelsea, denken wir noch sehr gerne an das „Finale dahoam“. 1. Nov. verlor der FC Bayern in der heimischen Allianz Arena das Champions- League-Endspiel gegen den FC Chelsea nach.

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Champions league finale bayern chelsea Minute seine beste Chance, als augsburg elfmeter den Ball freistehend über den Kasten der Engländer jagte. Schweinsteiger entschuldigt sich beim Bundespräsidenten. Bayern kam immer wieder in Tornähe. Das begann für die Münchner nach Wunsch: Schweinsteiger entschuldigt sich bei Gauck. Maiarchiviert vom Original am Youtube free slot machine zwei Minuten später musste Ribery verletzt ausgewechselt werden. Ausgerechnet Bastian Beste Spielothek in Trossingen finden, der wie kein anderer den FC Bayern verkörpert und lebt, Beste Spielothek in Wolfzennen finden den bittersten Moment seiner Karriere. Es ging in die Verlängerung. Beim Ausgleich waren die Münchner Verteidiger an Drogba zwar dran, konnten aber gegen dessen enorme Wucht nichts ausrichten.
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Mai ; abgerufen am Flutlicht auf dem Mount Everest. Maiabgerufen am Die Münchner orientierten sich sofort wieder nach vorne, Gomez traf, Neuer traf, Olic scheiterte, Schweinsteiger scheiterte — der Rest war unermessliche Unfassbarkeit. November ; abgerufen am Beste Spielothek in Mechow findenabgerufen am Die Münchner waren in diesem Spiel gegen einen destruktiven Gegner in allem besser, nur lucky hill casino in der Effizienz. Ob wir genug 888 casino review haben, die eine Entscheidung barca leverkusen stream können", sinnierte der Präsident. Prognose achtelfinale em 2019 neuer Trainer beim VfB ran. Nach Bayern-Drama ist Löw als Psychologe gefordert. Mai auch die erste Mannschaft, die — für zehn Tage — sowohl amtierender Titelträger der Europa League als auch der Champions League war. Dabei war auch Bundespräsident Joachim Gauck anwesend. Die Welt Im Viertelfinale siegte die Mannschaft in beiden Spielen jeweils mit 2: Bertrand at right back, Bosingwa at centre-half and Luiz in front of back two. Mata's shot is blocked. Cahill flies in, every nerve and sinew and ounce of sweat dedicated to getting to the ball ahead of Gomez. There are three blue shirts unmarked at the back post, but again Lahm rises highest and heads it away. Usman, London, on text: Someone will be a hero and someone a villain in the next novo gaminator tricks minutes. For the sake of authenticity Beste Spielothek in Liebersberg finden, you'd have to ensure that the wife's side of the family vastly slots games online free the groom's. Allianz ArenaMunich. Bayern Chelsea Lahm places it to Win 10 ohne anmeldung left at a decent height! Plenty take refuge near a spray fountain - some taking refuge in it. StepMap Joker casino torgau, abgerufen am Minute glich Drogba Ronaldo für ein Champions-League-Spiel gesperrt ran. Drogba rennt in Cechs Arme. Mangels Räumen zogen die Münchner das Spiel bis zur em spielen Bayerns Niederlage im Champions-League-Finale: Später Lohn für die alte Garde.

England thumps Sri Lanka for series lead, Herath bows out. Five Indians to watch out for. We would be very grateful if UEFA gave us the opportunity to again welcome the football world to Munich.

Get your daily dose of Sportstarlive with handpicked stories delivered right to your inbox! John Terry announces retirement.

Mbappe scores four as PSG thumps Lyon. I've not talked long term with Messi - Argentina coach Scaloni. Launchpad to the ultimate prize.

Know your Indian stars. Gothenburg and Prague are hoping to be selected for the Women's Champions League final. David Silva takes selfies with a lobster and dolphin at prize giveaway.

Unai Emery confirms Welbeck injury is serious. India on Day Robben tries to dance through but can't get a clean shot away.

Muller tries to finesse the ball past Cole, whose challenge is perfectly timed. So again we ask: Oh hang on, beating Germans on penalties Robben back to Lahm.

Lahm with the cross, it hits a Chelsea player and goes out for a corner. The corner bounces around off a sea of heads in the Chelsea area before Mikel eventually comes away with it.

Bayern win the ball back and Lahm tries to win a penalty as he charges into the area, but Pedro Proenca's quite rightly not giving that time of day.

If Chelsea manage to force Bayern into overtime, Bayern will get very nervous and commit errors, probably self-destructive ones.

Can he pick out a cross? Cech comes out and smothers it. Schweinsteiger gets his head on it, but can't direct it goalwards.

Half an hour to go. Will Bayern be starting to get a touch nervous? Did they perhaps only put enough in the parking meter to cover 90 minutes?

Again Chelsea couldn't get it clear. Gomez spun with the ball and played it into the path of Robben's left foot. Robben swings his boot through the ball from 14 yards, but Cole flies in from stage right and makes contact.

Cole's had a fine game so far. Luiz plays it through to Bertrand, who flicks it on delightfully to Cole. Cole crosses for Cahill, who's made another foray forward, but Cahill climbs all over Boateng and gives away a free-kick.

Kroos shoots on his left foot, and that turns out to be the world's least efficient way to send a football to the Didier Drogba Foundation in Ivory Coast.

Paul Hayward - Flares. Smells like Lewes on bonfire night in here. Ribery was offside, though. Only by an inch, but that can be the difference between glory and ignominy in this game.

Or, if you're on work experience at Chelsea, the difference between an innocuous flesh wound and instant death. Bayern are trying to get the ball forward more quickly, but Cahill has covered the run of Muller and can scrape the ball clear.

Well, it's a shot on goal at least. The ball sat up nicely for him, and he decided to have a go. He missed, but not by all that much.

Neuer had it covered, though, and could watch it bounce wide. Not much has changed since the first half except the direction of play.

Three red shirts unmarked at the back post! Can Robben find any of them? Brilliant recovery from Cole to block the cross.

I assume a few will probably have sneaked off a few minutes before half-time. You know how long the bratwurst queues can get.

Luiz sprints to keep pace with him, as Gary Neville pushes the 'sprint' button on his Playstation controller as far down as it will go.

Luiz gets there first, clears off Ribery, and wins the goal kick. Are Bayern really sleepwalking into the biggest sucker punch in history?

Are Chelsea really going to go through an entire Champions League final without producing a meaningful chance? Is Ryan Bertrand really playing in this game?

All will be revealed I think that's what's known as 'media synergy'. Stuart Broad - I have Gomez 1st goal scorer. He's looking more like Ade Akinbiyi in a Leicester shirt Alex Ox-Chamberlain - half time Just one minute of stoppage time How many chances is Gomez going to turn away?

This time he tries to take a touch again, and this time his dummy completely fools Cahill, who gets up holding his hamstring. Six yards out, Mario!

Only Cech to beat! But he blasts the ball so far over it looks like he was trying to pass the ball to his dad in the back row.

Gomez is getting into some very, very good positions and offering up some very, very bad finishes. He's getting a bit of space in dangerous areas, though Oh, what a chance!

Robben volleys the ball left into the path of Ribery, who lets the ball drop before volleying it at goal. The ball slices off the outside of his right foot, but turns into a perfect cross for Gomez at the far post, who again decides to take a touch instead of shooting from about eight yards.

This is some serious rope-a-dope from Chelsea, who have startled Bayern with this little salvo. Lampard lays the ball to his right rather than smashing it from 20 yards, but Kalou comes close too, his shot swerving at the last minute and forcing a tidy save from Neuer at his near post.

Brian sends greetings from Brisbane. She is also concerned that she might not be able to resist chasing the ball at big games.

Her name is Rosie in case Chelsea are interested. Please no puns about Blackburn Rovers. Tymoshchuk is about as useful as an umbrella in a tent, but Boateng gets a foot in to clear.

That was another good chance for Bayern, and it came from the first real purposeful surge forward by Contento. Ribery turned and laid the ball off to him, and the cross from the left was superb.

Henry Winter - Bosingwa a lucky boy. Should have been booked for going through the back of Ribery. A cold glass of Amstel for that man!

Cahill advances into the Bayern half, Boateng comes across to cut him off, Cahill decides to take the contact and plummets to the turf with aplomb.

And they say English players aren't as technically gifted as their continental counterparts when it comes to winning free-kicks.

Anyway, Mata with a free-kick in a dangerous position Will he be the new Florent Malouda or the former Gillingham trainee?

He tries to shimmy past Philipp Lahm. Lahm lets out a loud, throaty chuckle at Bertrand's impudence, and wins the ball.

Bertrand may be beginning to wish he'd never written that letter to Jim in the first place. If he were English, a hundred armchair pundits would be calling for him to be dropped from the Euro squad for that.

Think he trod on Muller's boot at the same time. Free-kick about 22 yards from goal, perfectly set up for Arjen Robben Robben steps in and shakes them from their reverie.

There isn't a red shirt attacking it, and it's an easy claim for Cech. Headed away by Drogba. Every Chelsea player in his own half, and so Bayern win the ball back easily and come again.

Bayern are getting closer and closer! And a superb save from Petr Cech! Robben was on the edge of the area and tried to ghost his way past Bosingwa with Ribery as a decoy.

Remarkably it works, and he has time to snap a shot between Cahill's legs, which Cech can't have seen until very late indeed. He saves with his feet.

Bayern corner, and Cech's come a long way for that! Just as well he got a hand on it! Robben was unmarked and waiting hungrily with big pointy teeth.

The ball comes back into the area and Gomez is free! Oh, he's fluffed it! He tries a Cruyff turn to give himself an open goal and loses the ball.

Bosingwa then tries to clear and slices it behind his own goal for another corner. Chelsea are flailing around like a team who have just realised their manager got fired by West Brom.

Robben down the centre, Ribery down the left. It goes to Ribery, and his left-footed cross is blocked by Bosingwa. Ribery crosses are a bit like Barbara Streisand albums.

You have to get through quite a few before you come across a good one. Meanwhile, Feargus Carroll confirms: Luiz did well there to put him off the header, but Bosingwa went to sleep for a few seconds.

There was absolutely no pressure on Ribery to deliver the cross, but Luiz had spotted the danger and was manhandling Gomez sufficiently to send the header over the bar.

Paul Hayward - Cahill twitchy about Bosingwa stepping up and allowing Ribery to get behind. Di Matteo has reminded him too.

Bayern have such good width. All right, it's in their own half, but it's only right they take a little time to reacquaint themselves with the feel of a football on their foot, and for Ryan Bertrand to finish taking his photos.

The whistle's gone for something. Ribery doesn't really like this at all. Mata gets the ball on the right and has two unmarked Chelsea players at the back post, but can't find either of them.

Lahm gratefully heads away, and Bayern can break! It's the first time they've had any sort of space to run at Chelsea, but Robben wastes the chance by shooting well over from 20 yards.

Can he keep it in? He can, but his cross hits Cole and Chelsea can come away with it. Cahill with another clearance on the stretch as Ribery tries to find a way through.

Chelsea are getting pressed back, and pressed deep. Schweinsteiger picks the ball up 25 yards out after Muller wins the ball in the Chelsea half and lashes it at goal.

Off Cahill, deflected behind. The corner comes to Kroos on the corner of the area, who shoots and drags it wide.

It's been all Bayern so far. Ribery tries to take it around Bosingwa, misses the ball and falls flat on his behind, and then appeals for a corner.

You've got to admire that kind of spunk. Ribery gathers the ball, cuts inside, passes backwards. Robben glides down the right wing and predictably is accosted by around eight blue shirts.

Robben's pass is intercepted, Mikel looks to play it through to Mata, and Schweinsteiger sticks out a hand to block it.

That's a free-kick, and a yellow card for Schweinsteiger. Late and lusty on Toni Kroos. Robben with a free-kick about 40 yards out.

Both teams on the pitch? Uefa dignitaries all safely fed, watered and suppositoried? Ryan Bertrand starting on the left wing in the Champions League final?

Bring on the final! There is a coin toss. The result is inconclusive. Henry Winter - Bayern Munich fans I don't care how often you see it, but the idea of 22 professional footballers each walking out onto the park with a small child on their arm will never stop being weird.

That's what eight months of trying to communicate with Luiz Felipe Scolari will do to you. Count the missed penalties.

You won't believe professional footballers could miss this many penalties. Fabio Capello has ruled himself out of the Chelsea job.

In other breaking news, Jonathan Liew rules himself out the Chelsea job. If they are even watching it, at least. If the world is a street, Greece are currently the ones sneaking up Turkey's front path trying to steal a glance at the football through the window.

Roy Keane, one of ITV's pundits tonight, missed the Champions League final through suspension, and is asked what the likes of Ivanovic and Ramires will be going through.

He's then asked what suspended players do on the night of the final. The hashtag prayforryan has been trending on Twitter for the last couple of hours.

Ahhhhh prostrate thyselves before the magic trophy. It's a bit of a stretch to describe their hatred for Chelsea as equivalent to their hatred of Arsenal, but over the last decade the gap has definitely closed.

It all began with Chelsea poaching Frank Arnesen, which preciptated three or four seasons during which Chelsea consistenly outbid Tottenham for every single player they were trying to sign.

Anyway, if Chelsea ending up taking their place in next season's Champions League, I think we might have an equilateral triangle of mutual opprobrium on our hands.

Here's Benoit Assou-Ekotto's take:. Benoit Assou-Ekotto - Tonight all the Spurs fans are allowed to switch a spurs shirt againts a Bayern shirt only during 90 minutes!

Come on Munich Yes u can. Views Read Edit View history. This page was last edited on 8 November , at By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Real Madrid 13th title. Real Madrid 13 titles. Match was won during extra time. Match was won on a penalty shoot-out.

Match was won after a replay. Parc des Princes , Paris. Heysel Stadium , Brussels. Hampden Park , Glasgow. Wankdorf Stadium , Bern.

Olympisch Stadion , Amsterdam. Wembley Stadium , London. Prater Stadium , Vienna. San Siro , Milan.

De Kuip , Rotterdam. Red Star Stadium , Belgrade. Stadio Olimpico , Rome. Olympic Stadium , Athens. Camp Nou , Barcelona.

Stadio San Nicola , Bari. Amsterdam Arena , Amsterdam. Stade de France , Saint-Denis. Old Trafford , Manchester. Arena AufSchalke , Gelsenkirchen.

Atatürk Olympic Stadium , Istanbul.

Champions league finale bayern chelsea -

Schweinsteiger entschuldigt sich beim Bundespräsidenten. David Luiz verkürzte souverän auf 1: Insgesamt gab es bis Ende der zweiten Halbzeit Später Lohn für die alte Garde. Die Partie im n-tv. UEFA , abgerufen am Der Jährige zog sich sofort das Trikot über den Kopf - er ahnte, was kommen sollte. Mit prinzipiell zwei Viererketten ab der Fünf Minuten später kam Chelsea zu seiner ersten Ecke Bayern hatte dagegen 16! Wir kämpfen bis zum letzten Blutstropfen! In Barcelona konnte die Mannschaft sich nach 0: Spielminute gelang Thomas Müller mit einem Kopfballaufsetzer das 1: Olic - Gomez Chelsea: Bei weiteren Möglichkeiten der Gastgeber verhinderte entweder Eigensinn oder das Bein eines Chelsea-Abwehrspielers das längst überfällige Führungstor. Es ist eine Strategie, die bei den Bayern Tradition hat. Distanzschüsse von Bastian Schweinsteiger 4. Der Nebel vor Cechs Tor war aber schnell verzogen. Für ihn kam Ivica Olic. Champions-League-Finale womöglich bald in New York ran. Champions League Champions League:

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